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Make Your Own Dashboards

Creating a dashboard is easy with CollabMobile. Drop an Excel file and chose from the generated dashboards. Easily modify and publish. It's done! Your dashboards are ready for mobile and web. Requires no technical skills.

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BI made easy, fast, and mobile!


Design Your Own DashBoard

Business Driven BI

Business intelligence is about business. Don't waste any time waiting for IT procedures. CollabMobile is designed to let business users create their own BI reports without technical support. Everyone can discover and analyze corporate data with the help of CollabMobile's amazing AI features.

Connect Any Datasource

Unique Mobile Experience

Access BI wherever you are and whenever you need. CollabMobile technology has the stunning user experience on iOS Android, and web applications. Data visualizations help you understand your business and make better decisions. Discover, analyze, share insights on the go.

Use both iOS and Android

Power of Cloud

Forget about hardware costs, OS licensing, installation process and hidden costs. CollabMobile cloud edition is a low cost, IT independent, pay as you go software service. Use free edition to check if it fits your business needs. Upgrade to pro or on-premise when you need more from the software.

We quickly build and deploy mobile reports at different platforms which allows our employees to securely access real-time sensitive data and get their work done. "

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CollabMobile helps company managers keep track of HR KPIs. It's integrated to our ERP system and automates the delivery of reports resulting lower costs for our department. On the other hand timely access to critical information helps our employees to decide and act faster. "

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