Does CollabMobile store my data?
No data is stored on mobile applications. On server side, if you use direct connection then no data is stored. If you upload data using REST API, Excel or CSV files your data is stored on server but never saved on mobile devices.
How does CollabMobile connect to my phone to my data source?
When you open a report on mobile device, the device connects to CollabMobile cloud server and asks for the data. Cloud server then connects to your SQL data source and run some queries. Then it transforms the results for the mobile and sends it back to the application. Application visualizes the data as charts and tables.
Can a CollabMobile user have application on multiple devices?
Yes. Every CollabMobile user can use the application on 3 devices.
Does CollabMobile use templates? How do i design my dashboards? Will i need a particular data format?
CollabMobile does not impose templates for visualization of data. By using the Screen Editor you can freely design your own layout for each report. You may design different layouts for phones and tablets. Data formatting is very flexible. Most visual components need binding to a data view and it's columns. Binding data is very straightforward, just like adding a chart to an Excel sheet.
We have iPhones and Androids of different screen ratios. Will I need a new design for every device?
No, the system will choose closest screen you designed and fit the report layout for device resolution automatically.
Do I need development to visualise my data?
No. Everything works with mouse clicks. If you use direct connection to an SQL server you may need to write some queries. You're reading about this product so we assume you already have some queries or views on SQL to retreive the data you need.
Can I join tables?
You can join tables within a data source.
Can I build a report using multiple data sources?
Yes you can bind visual components to different data views from different data sources on a single report.
How fast is it?
CollabMobile is designed to display real-time data. Using data view queries, CM retreives filtered and aggregated data from the data source. It only the portion of data that will be displayed on mobile screen. When user changes a filter or parameter on the report, system queries immediately and delivers the new data under a second. This method allows access to up-to-date data very quickly. Other systems download full reports taking several minutes and then let users play with it. CollabMobile lets user get what's needed immediately by taking advantage of modern connectivity technologies.
Can I access the reports from web?
Not yet. This is currently a mobile only solution. Our team is working on a web client. Will be available in 2014.
Is it a native mobile application?
CollabMobile is fully native on both iOS and Android for best responsiveness and user experience.

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